Can these games Securom and Safedisc protections be copied?

Im reading some of the post in here. Looks like you guys are way to advanced for me,but hopefully you guys can help me out.
I have a 7 year old who plays somewhat computer games. from reading your poset their is Securom and Safedisk. Can these games with these protections be copied? If they can ,can someone like me(Not to smart with computers) do it? If yes what software do i need?Any help no matter how small is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Please use a more describing title for your post next time, so people know what is about. Topic titles such as “Help”, “Error” or “New guy” are a bit annoying in this respect.

You will need a cd-writer capable of dealing with those protections (any nice lite on or asus will do)

You will need special cd writing programs such as CloneCd or Alcohol 120%

It highly depends on the game , but make sure to check out the CloneCD forum to know about profiles , checking it and how to backup your cd-roms.

IMHO, this thread is also highly useful and knowledgeable :

Copying SIMS UNLEASHED, MOHAA, GTA III & other recent safedisc 2 protected games

Thanks all of you