Can the xbox Burn backups?

Hi I just have 2 curious questions since the xbox reads dvds,its a burner and plays games IS IT A DVD rewriteable ? And is there some sort of way to mod your xbox so it can make a backup of your game with the burner of your xbox? Is there a way or is the question simply no for both of them?and if no could you please explain why?

thank you ps sorry if i made the same thread again.Then again i am just a newbie.:slight_smile:

There is no burner in xbox the dvd drive can be replaced if u know what u are doing the reason for this is because pc dvd drive read recordable discs better and all discs faster it may be possible to put a pc dvd recorder into the xbox as a replacement for the xbox dvd drive but at this time there is no software to burn there is also an xbox linux project to run linux on xbox it has been done so maybe they could be burned using linux dvd burning software but this is in its early stages u will also need a mod to run linux or any proprietary xbox burning app

Definatley no Burner in the XBOx
Even if you put a burner in there, there would be no software as yet to control it.

Same goes for the myth about the Xbox dvds being written backwards…this is also false

youve been very helpful :bigsmile: