Can the source disc influence the quality of the Kprobe Scan?



I burned both of these just minutes apart on the same Liteon 812S with US0Q firmware. They were both done on Ritek R03s at 4X from the same stack of discs.

The first scan is from a very old disc with quite a few scratches whereas the second disc is brand new.

These scans are quite different and the only thing I can think of that is different is the source disc. Both play just fine.

Sorry the scan doesn’t show the disc ID; I saved the image after I removed the disc and didn’t notice.


Read errors, (PI/PIF), have nothing to do with the source material. You are not measuring “data errors”. What you see is fairly normal variation in scans, which can be affected by a variety of things.


I am sorry, I am confused. First you say that both disks were burned minutes apart on the same drive. Then you say the first scan is from a very old disk?
Help us out here. :confused:


the first scan says C1-C2 and the second PI-PIF? u are comparing a CD scan with a DVD scan?


Sorry about the confusion. When I said the first was from a very old disc I am referring to the source material, the original DVD, I should have said rip rather than scan. As to the PI/PIF C1/C2 difference I don’t know?? I just report what Kprobe says. They are both DVDs. I am still unsure as to why Kprobe changes these things sometimes. I am not that experienced and maybe I did something wrong. Sorry.

The only difference between the two scans is the source material used for the burn. The first original is very old and the second original disc is new.


Even if you had a million errors ripping an old DVD, kprobe only measures certain characteristics of the physical burn. A good burn with bad data looks as nice as a good burn with good data. The source media makes no difference.


Thanks, that’s what I thought. I guess the mystery of a “good” burn is what makes this still a hobby.