Can the position of a disc potentionally affect its datalife?

Is it true that depending in which position you put discs onto a CD Shelf, it can either last longer (vertically) or wear out faster (horizontally)?

I’ve read that putting discs in jewel cases in a horizontal position on a shelf can potential harm the discs over time. While, putting them horizontally doesn’t affect them much at all. Is any of this true or just rumors? I found this while once finding out ways to store discs.

Thanks in advance!

I think this is an old wives tale. The only way the disks could get damaged is if they were under compression from being stacked under something heavy, surely.

I also thought it was just a ‘rumor’ but the website I had read this on wrote it in a way that made it sound too true. :rolleyes:

Thanks for clearing that up stroppy :bigsmile: !