Can the plextor 24/10TA TLA#0202 burn SD2 perfectly?

Can the plextor 24x 24/10TA TLA#0202 burn SD2 perfectly ???
Thx a lot

i have TLA#0202.
Ive only tried burning Operation Flashpoint which has SD2, and i end up with a copy that doesnt work on my TLA#0202. However, normal drives (only testet it on a dvd and a normal cd drive) reads it fine :confused:
So im satisfied i guess
Although my next burner is most likely going to be a liteon.

the plextor TLA#0202 must be a new one. It should burn everything that the others do.

All plextors will burn SD2, but some of the new SD2 disks have an atip check on them. When this is read by a CD-RW such as the plex 24x or lite-on 24x, it will not run. CD-Roms and DVD-Roms do not have the ability to check for the atip, so the burned CD will work on those readers.

The Lite-on is a good burner, but it is also stopped by the atip protection, as far as reading goes. the burning is fine on both. the reading is the problem, so make sure that you have a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom to read the burned disk in.

aie… ok thx for info :wink:

When and where did this new TLA come out?

man i was already shaking. I had this former troubles with the plex 121024 tla 0202 you know the no subchannel thing .I have my plex 241040 for a week and guess what also tla 0202 so I saw your topic and thought oh man not already a problem with this one…but happily no prob.:eek: