Can the Pioneer DVR-107D work on a Macintosh?



Is the pioneer DVR-107 - Macintosh computer compatible? I know the 106 is, but not quite sure about the 107.



I briefly installed the 107 in my G4/500 AGP.

It loaded disks no problem. Came up on under Apple profiler as “Apple disc buring: Supported”

I put the 107 back in it’s firewire external case, and returned the 16x dvd-rom to the G4.

Oddly enough, I have had trouble with a DVD-117ME DVD-Rom drive in the G4. I ended up with the memorex 16x D drive instead, which works perfectly.

I tested a file copy from the 107 to an ATA drive, from a DVD-R data back disc. The 107 and Memorex 16x DVD-rom performed equally well.

I was considering, leaving the 107 in the G4, but it’s alot easier to pull the 107 out of the firewire enclosure for firmware tweaks, rather than pulling apart the G4 to get the drive out.

I was think I might be able to make a nice long IDE cable to go from the PC to the G4. But the external setup is just way easier.

I did not try burning on the 107 while installed in the G4, but it came up under Toast 5.2.1/OS9.2.2


Works fine, burning and reading.