Can the NEC 3540 backup Playstation 2 games?

I’m just wondering if anyone here has successfully back up PS2 games with their 3540 drive? If so, please post your result. Thanks.

Any burner that functions correctly under DVD Decrypter (meaning it can read and write ISO images in DVD Decrypter) should work just fine. Some recommend burning your backups at no more than 4x max. Guess that depends on how old or new your PS2 console is.

correct, the slower the burn the better chances the game will be able to be read. you do know that you need a modship in order to bypass the ps2 checks. but xbox games can only be read by the internal drive of the xbox. you have to ftp to it and use its drive to copy them over. either system you use you WILL either need a modchip or you can do the hot-swap way. search on it if you need mor info

Thanks for the information guys, but I want some hand on experience. If anyone here used it for backing up their PS2 games, please let me know. Thanks.

any drive can be used for the back up of PS2 games but your PS2 MUST be modded (or have an alternate boot method) so your back ups work.i’ve just burnt a DVD at 8X and it plays fine in my ps2,it all depends on your ps2 drive,newer models are just much better than the old ones,we have 2 ps2’s here,the old one reading a burnt dvd is a hit or a miss but the new one is great,even discs burnt at 12X will work well.

First of all I understand that you need a modified PS2 to play backup games. I have one with a DMS3 chip. No offence, but the point of my thread wasn’t asking what I need to play backup PS2 games, but whether anyone here used this drive to backup games. Again, I’m looking for someone that has used this drive to backup PS2 games to come forward and post their experience here. Thank you.

i have used it for ps2 and xbox backups, had no problem, the ps2 reads them and so does my xbox and it has the crappiest one the three that are manufatured for them. its not so what drive but what brand media, the drives may be picky so try a couple before you put a huge pack, and go with medium to higher quality media. so yes you can and it works great :iagree: