Can the nec 2500a report C1/C2 errors correctly?



can the nec 2500a report C1/C2 errors correctly?
the reason i ask is because when i use CDSpeed to scan for C1/C2 error there is NO errors found on any of the CDRs that i burned. I just find that to good to be true. Then again im i always have used TY media for both CD/DVD burning, and never had any problems what so ever with playback.

Im i not doing something right? i dont know.

I have attached accuple of images to shown what cdspeed displays at the end of testing.


hi and welcome to cdfreaks! for testing questions we have a media testing software subforum

your answer is there and i will also link it here
in the future please do a bit of checking as most likely the answer is in the forums already!


ty1er, the answer to your question is; no it can’t. The link cnlson has provided will show you the drives that can. But there’s one drive in the list that can’t, the NEC 3500. The firmware for this drive, that will allow it to report errors, has not been released yet.


I thougt the Nec 2500 could only report C2 errors???


Thanks for the link.
I didnt even think about checking to CDspeed site… doh.

Thanks for the help!