Can the LTC-48161H read sub-channel with it's new BIOS?



I wish to buy a LTC-42161H if it has the capability to read/write sub-channel data. So owners of this drive please provide me information as to at least with the new BIOS, does this drive read/write the sub-channel data? Old Nero CDSpeed reported that this drive does not read sub-channel data according to some reviews while some reviews state that this drive reads/writes sub-channel data. Hence please post only your experiences and not what you have read in other reviews.


Nero CD-Speed is not fully reliable as it may sometimes interfere with drivers and other programs.

I’ve used the drive with clonecd and it support reading subchannel data (you get a message stating that it do not support it if you try to read and it do not support it).

I’ll get back to you tomorrow with results from CD-Speed.


Thanks OC-Freak, that was fast. I’ll make the decision to buy it only after your reply tomorrow. My options are LTR-52327S or LTC-42161H an features and not price is the winning factor. If possible please advise.


I would also like to know if in the writing features, the LTC-48161H is in any way inferior to the LTR-52327S or other Lite-On CD ReWriters (like not being able to make backups of copy protected CDs).


There’s some question about whether the 52327S is reading sub channel data. It appears to fail the CDSpeed test with the DAE advanced audio test. This issue has been discussed here


rdgrimes, I have tested a LTR-52327S and am quite sure it can read/write sub-channel data (I used Alcohol 120% to back up a Securom protected disc). I guess NeroSpeed is buggy.


If you care: I’ll have a review of this drive ready in two weeks or so.

I’ve not yet tested its backup capabilities so I can’t comment on them.

But for now it seems to have good reading speeds and good write quality.

Strange thing is when using k-probe this drive reports less C1/C2 errors than the LTR-52246S I have. On the other side it reports way higher PI/PO errorcounts than my Lite-On DVD-ROMs.

For the CD-Speed tests: It supports everything (CD-text, subchannel and reading lead-in and lead-out).


Strange thing is when using k-probe this drive reports less C1/C2 errors than the LTR-52246S I have. On the other side it reports way higher PI/PO errorcounts than my Lite-On DVD-ROMs.

You mean the 48161H, I presume? That’s been the issue with most DVD-ROM drives, that they do not report errors correctly. This has always been true of C1/C2, we don’t really know if it’s also true of PI/PO, or do we? Someone who has a 401 burner and a DVD-ROM should post some comparison tests.


To make it totally clear:

LTC-48161H shows lower C1/C2 values than my LTR-52246S.
LTC-48161H shows higher PI/PO values than my LTD-163D.

I’ll get an LTD-166S as well next week, maybe I’ll get an LTD-165H as well.

Then I’ll post some comparison results. :wink:


You must agree that two weeks is too long, especially since I have got a lot of data to backup. Hence OC-Freak, I would very much appreciate if you would just test the combo drive’s backup capabilities with SafeDisc 2.90 (since some reviews suggest that it can backup SafeDisc v.2.60.052 and v2.80.010) and with SecuROM (old, new and new v4.8x). You can test the other capabilities later.
I would also like to know what does P0 and P1 errors mean and how significant is it?


PI and PO is the two correction layers on a DVD disc, so far there is not much information concerning these two different correction layers. And it seems like all discs (including original discs) have both PI and PO errors.

It’s only useful when you want to measure the write quality / quality of a DVD (all types of writable DVD discs included, maybe excluding DVD-RAM).

I don’t know if I’ve time to run those tests before in 2-3 days as it’s quite busy over here right now.