Can the liteon 1653 burn dvds under 4X?

I have croosflashed my liteon 1213s to 1653s with CS09-PAtched-Crossflasing, and want to know if it’s possible to slow down the speed of the burn under 4X becuase with Nero 6 it’s impossible and with clone dvd2 you can choise to burn the dvds under 4X ( that means 2X or 1X) but in finally the liteon burn them at 4X. Can somebody help me, pleasy. Sorry for my bad english.

the drive doesn’t support lower speeds than 4x. i see no point in burning slower than 4x. the quality with low sppeds isn’t really better than with 4-8x. you can update your fimware to CS0K, make some test burns and scan the discs with kprobe or nero cd-dvd speed and post the results.

Yes! Unless the quality of burned disc is bad or your DVD player doesn’t like it, there is no points to burn under 4x (8x is the my favourite speed :slight_smile: )