Can the LiteOn 1633S write 8x as well as the 832S?

I’m going to purchase another Lite On drive, and I want to know if the Lite On 1633S can at least perform as well as the 832s on 8x burns. The reason I ask is because they are basically the same price, (5 dollars difference) so why not have a burner that may be capable of burning at 12x and 16x if a decent firmware is ever released.

My 1213S@1633S produces better (and faster) 8x burns than my 451S@832S.

The existing complaints with the 3S series seem to be mostly with the 12x/16x. At 8x, it seems to work quite nicely…

Thanks for the info, guess I know which model to go with.

I’ve had both. My 1213s@1633s burns completely own anything my 812s@832s ever produced at 8x. Course, my 812s was a massive POS.

I have both too. My 832S(CG3B) is much better than my 1633S(BS0K). My 1633S have produced many coasters, so I use 1633S only for KProbe measurement. But my friend’s 1633S has very low PI/PO error at 8x. Maybe my 1633S is RMA…sigh

My 1213@1633 writes RICOHJPNR01 discs at 8x very, very well. It is also a very fast ripper, and does an excellent job with Kprobe.

I think I disagree here. I went to a local computer store today to try out the 1633S and my day has not been a fun one. I’ve thrown every media at this drive @8x including Prodisc R03, Yuden T01, Richohjpn02, MCC04. I’ve been some very expensive coasters. Nothing I’ve burned is acceptable as far as Pi anf PIF failures. The scans aren’t even worth posting. The Yuden media gives spikes into to 300s throughout the chart, Prodisc starts at 500 and makes it’s way down, MCC04 looked bad all around. My old 812S that I regretfully sold gave my way better results.

I’ll revise my statement, then. The 1633S, if it is a good unit will kick the 2S’s ass. Unfortunately, the quality varies from unit to unit. C0deKing’s 1213S@1633S does miserably while mine does quite well.

Return your 1633S, say it’s defective, and get another one.