Can the LG gsa4163b write audio tracks without pauses with Nero

Summary: when trying to record audio tracks without pauses among them, Nero says that the burner “requires pauses”.

The drive is new (bought today) and I can RMA it without problems, but I like its low PI/PIF with dvd’s, as far as I’ve tested. Should the “audio tracks: pauses required” be a Nero problem or a drive problem? I have not too much sw to test.

I managed to “decrypt” the message. I tried the Plextools and saw the following:

[b]Audio CD Maker.

The pregap of the first track must be at least 2 seconds. If you choose to continue, the pregap will be set to 2 seconds. Continue?

YES NO[/b]

Well, it seems that the message in the white text area should read “The CD specification only allows a 2-3 seconds pause for the first track”. Hmmm… I just guess now that there are lots of “first track gaps” like this among my compilations, and me ignorant about it, what a tragedy! :slight_smile:

yep, if you try to burn any audio cd and you want it without pauses between tracks (live concert / techno session…) you must leave the first track pause as it came and the others set to 0 (Select all of them -> right mouse click -> properties -> pause = 0). You also have to record the disc as DAO / DAO’96

Just two things to add, in case you are wondering:

You can also change all tracks to 0 secs pause, which is somewhat easier (just “select all tracks” and in Properties change Pause to 0, ignore the greyed out fields in that dialog box) - Nero will change the first track back automagically. The info about writing CD in “Disc-At-Once (DAO)” mode is important!

The 2sec pause before the 1st track is called “Pre-Gap” or the like, dont remember exactly - when playing the Audio CD it will not just be there, the 1st track will start immediately!. It is just a requirement of the Audio CD standard. IIRC it had sth to do with Audio Players finding the correct start of the audio or so.