Can the laser in a DVD burner blind you?

Topic is the question.

There are numerous You Tube videos that show you how to use the semiconductor laser from a DVD burner to make what is in essence a flashlight that sets stuff on fire.

(Read: DANGEROUS toy)

if it is powerful to ignite things it could easily cause permanent damage to your eye.

The laser inside a DVD or blueray “Burner” is a Class-3 Laser device, typically less than 500mW power output, but the DVD/BD drive itself is considered to be a class 1 device because it is not normally possible to be exposed to the beam as it is inside an enclosure.

(EXPLANATION of Laser Safety HERE: )

Somewhere around here I have a powerful Class IV Laser that I removed from an GCMS machine (the machine was junk but the laser still worked) it is powerful enough to cut aluminum foil like it was a sharp knife… even incidental reflections from non-matt surfaces could cause eye damage.

Burning holes in FULL pop cans brings new meaning to the phrase "POP can"
Insects that interrupt the beam (albeit briefly) simply explode.

Lasers other than “Laser pointers” are not to be “played with” without knowing the dangers and exercising care…

as a simple answer to the original question? Yes, it can, though the real answer is somewhat more complicated.

Whew. For a second, I thought “poinTED stick” was going to become the topic.

A simple “Yep” seemed inadequate to the original question.

I had a friend that did get one eye put out by a pointed stick when he was a child.
The eye appeared OK when you looked at him but he could only tell light from dark with it.
Over the years I’ve lost contact with him but I’m sure it was permanent.
BTW it was his younger brother that did it. Just playing with a pointed stick.

The laser in a DVD player [I]can[/I] make you go blind… if you use it to watch [I]too much[/I] midget pr0n! :cool:

The focus of a dvd laser is very very close to the position where the media actually is. (Well DUH!).

The output power of a dvd laser is about 0.5 Watt, which can hurt you IF you can locate the back of your eye on the focal point AND don’t blink.

Staring on top of the lens while the laser is active might to the trick.

So yeah, it can blind you, but it will take some good effort to make it happen. :slight_smile:

So… if I can get one of those giant meat-slicers - to cut paper-thin (well, disk-thin) slices of some human-type of hubby, I could slide his Eye Cuts into my Plextor and blind him? Oh boy… a thousand and ONE uses for burner drives!!

Or maybe I’ll just stick with a bunch of bananas, or a raspberry perhaps.