Can the H10L do quality scan like Benq

Does anyone know? As iam considering getting either of them.

Nope. Sorry, but no LG writer supports quality scanning.

LG GCA (Combo) drives can be used with Nero CD-DVD Speed and KProbe!
(For an unknown reason, LG did not add this feature to GSA/GWA/GMA series drives.)

As far as I remember, some LG CD writers and possibly Combo drives were based on Mediatek chipsets. That’s why these drives are capable to do something like quality scanning.


Correct. I recall reading a post where someone with an older model LG DVD-ROM drive could do quality scans too. Same reason - it used a MediaTek chipset.

The current LG writers use Renesas or Panasonic chipsets so it’s a no go with those :frowning:

I remember I’ve seen a Matshita doing scans once, but I’m not sure where and when…
It would really be cool if LG added the scanning feature but I think this is Renesas’ fault, not LG’s fault.

Ah well thanks guys…i was considering the LG but i really needed the scan feature?

Get BenQ or LiteOn.

Off topic - my CD-RW GCE-8526B was based Mediatek chipset, and I think it could do quality scaning…