Can the G series 1640 be crossflashed?

Can the DW1640 OEM “G” firmware be crossflashed using the “B” series .cvt? I can get the “G” series wholesale in Ottawa, Canada, but I will not touch them unless they can be crossflashed to “B”. I have both the “G” and “B” CVT’s. The BSJB.exe is now available on BenQ’s firmware site, but the GSHB.exe is the latest anywhere for “G’s”.
If so has anyone been successful? I have read somewhere on this forum that when you update it checks the serial # and will not update with CVT. Does anyone no for sure?

if youre in Canada, why dont you buy one from NCIX. The current batch is B series firmware and its on sale right now for cheap (53.98CDN).

btw, yes you can cross flash to b series firmware. Read THIS thread to find B series firmware in CVT format. I THINK C0deKing said he had an OEM G series drive and he flashed it with the CVT B series successfully.

Firstly I am a reseller so I won’t buy from another reseller. If I buy locally there is no shipping and I get it immediately. NCIX is 5 business days shipping from Ottawa.
Secondly, I read that thread and they are speaking about crossflashing a 1620 to a 1640. I am talking about a 1640 “G” to a 1640 “B”, totally different from that thread.

ok i understand why you wouldnt buy from NCIX, but just to let you know, NCIX has $10 express shipping for the 1640 and it will be there next day.

about that thread, i was just pointing out the thread to get the B series firmware in CVT format and you can cross flash from 1640 G to B with WinDWFlasher. Keep in mind that this voids your warranty.

how much is that USD?


This thread has gone off topic, can someone please answer my question. I have asked C0deKing and he only has retail version of 1640. We are both interested if anyone has crossflashed BenQ DW1640 “G” to “B” using CVT files successfully.

As for NCIX, they have shipped BenQ DW1620 “G” series mixed in with “B” series in the past. You never know what you are getting until you receive it. I will only sell drives when I know what they are capable of. I would not sell a customer “G” series drives unless they can be crossflashed to “B”. I have never had any problems with RMA’s when they have been crossflashed. I was one of the first to help crossflash the 1620 as the original CVT file came from me.

Yes a 1640 have been crossflashed from the Gxxx to Bxxx series as has the 1640 re-badge Plextor 740 to Bxxx 1640.

Have you done it yourself or do you have a link to a thread? Also has it been done in North America?

It was done by someone who picked up one of them when they were only available in Germany a while back, sorry cant recall the exact thread with the post but it was crossflashed.

I don’t see any reason why you cant crossflash yours it’s the same drive they all come from BenQ as did the Plex 740 with its own OEM firmware and that was crossflashed to the 1640 and back again to the 740.

Thanks for the info. As a reseller I must be sure before I sell to clients. I guess I will pick one up and try it first. There have been problems in the past where something worked in Europe but not in North America because of design changes. My source tends to get supply from China so may be different from NCIX or other North American channels.

I will post my results here.

so your going to sell your clients something without a warranty?

thats what i was thinking. Although cross flashing does void your warranty, benq might not care because you ARE using BenQ firmware afterall. Since the firmware that was included with the drive is right on the drive, benq will know if it has been converted.

What tinman is doing is the reason I no longer trust computer repairmen. I payed $195 to a local repairman to install a px708a a year or two ago. I take in my pc and as I wait he comes out to put in the drive. He opens the computer and starts opening the box of the dvd burner he is going to place inside. I ask him what hes doing. He says hes going to put it in. I say no your not. It was an optorite 4x drive that sold for like $70. Then he said he would knock off $20 for the “mistake.” I said noway grabbed my tower and ran out of the door. The first and last time I go to a computer repairman. Eversince Newegg has been my new best friend.

Before you start hanging me, you misunderstood. I do not cheat my customers, I got into this business because I was frustrated with most resellers, they either didn’t care, didn’t have the time or outright cheated me. I sell to diehard computer savy people only. Before I sell something I make sure that my clients are getting a stable product, not a flaky one, and this is what they expect from me. I personally do not touch the drives. The customers are the ones that will crossflash. They demand the ability to update the firmware. My supplier has used the crossflashing on the 1620 at BenQ’s suggestion. BenQ emailed me the original CVT file that allowed it. BenQ has RMA’d a few crossflashed 1620’s that quit working without a problem. I am a very small value added reseller, therefore I care about my clients and I look out for them. They come to me because they trust me to tell them the truth, not a bunch of crap that most resellers do. I have the same residential and business clients for over 15 years and I get new clients from referals only. A company like mine depends on repeat business and if I ever cheated or mislead one of them it would all be over.

On another note: BenQ will definitely not honour the warranty on the drive if your burner dies in the middle of updating the firmware (power outage, etc.) or if you use unofficial firmware. This only makes common sense, they warranty only what the drive was sold to do. If you replace the computer chip in your new car with another brand and it fries the main computer, you would not expect them to warranty that.
Always use common sense before you do something and 9 times out of 10 you will be safe. There is always the chance however remote that they will not honour a warranty. My customers know that If it is my fault I will cover it at my expense.They may pay me a little more than the large resellers but I offer them up to date info and will recommend what is best for their individual needs regardless of price.

Just picked up a BenQ DW1640 OEM from my supplier. I will not have time to install in a system until later today or tomorrow. I will attempt crossflash using cvt file and see how things go. As I said before this will be my drive, I do not flash my clients drives. My two 1620’s that I crossflashed when they first came out are still working well, the only thing I have noticed is that I have to occassionaly flash back to “L” and then to “T” to keep good burns. With the Tayo and Verbatim media I use I find “T” gives me the best results on the 1620’s.

I will also try it out in a Thermotake USB external box to see how it performs and if it will break the 12x barrier (the 1620 only burns at 12x in USB external box). I have read somewhere that it might so I will try.

Check the firmware revision on the unit itself (on the label), I’ve yet to hear of an OEM unit with G firmware…

JFYI, I just received from NCIX my BenQ DW1640 O.E.M drive with firmware “BSHB” and it came with nero O.E.M. Suite

I just opened the package and it is a BSHB firmware, Made in China, May 2005. It was a surprise to my supplier as well. They were told that they would be “G”. I guess they will get the “G” once production ramps up. So for now no need to crossflash the drive. I got their first and only drive this shipment, they have a couple hundred on backorder. It comes with Nero Express 6 OEM suite (kind of useless).