Can the DVD-R disk be the problem? Help!

I need your help! I made a whole movie for my band, burned to DVD-R with Adobe Encore and it worked on all DVD players I put it into. I bought a bunch of cheap DVD-Rs 8x 4.7GB (without anything written on the disks face) and copied my master DVD to the new cheap DVD with Nero disk-to-disk. I realized, that this new one only works in DVD players with divx reading capability. Can this be the disk? I wrote the movie again from Encore, but to the new cheap disk and it had the same problem…only works on divx dvd players. So that is why I think it is the disk. Is this possible? Or somethings wrong with Nero?
Thanks for your help

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Certainly a low quality media can give this problem. Probably the divx-capable players are able to read better than older standalones these cheap (aka low quality) media.

Some dvd players read better than others. I would say it is the disks and not nero etc. Best to buy high quality media, Verbatim or Tayio Yuden are the best now days.

Hi,somebody can help me?my DVD can’t burn DVD-video files on DVD-R,am using Nero,my problem looks like “Power calibration error”,what i must do?it’s big problem for me,please help me

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Main causes of this problem can be two: a very low quality media, or a damaged drive.

What discs are you using? You can find mediacode with cd-dvd speed or with dvd identifier

Hello,thanks for answer,I try do something but I think it’s becuse DVD disc or company is not good,am using disc “KG Media DVD-R 4.7GB 8x speed”,meaby better if i change disc to DVD+R,thanks again for help

Yes try DVD+R media and a better brand if possible. Verbatim or Tayio Yuden are the best you can get them at