Can the booktype be changed using Nero Express 6 OEM?

I have an LG Super Multi DVD Drive, GSA-4120B and backup my DVDs using DVD Shrink w/ Nero OEM, version I bought a bunch of DVD+Rs to record my backups. They recorded no prob but they won’t play on my 5 yr old Toshiba DVD player.

To rectify this problem, I’m trying to change the Booktype using Nero but can’t seem to find where that option is. After researching this forum, it seems it can be done in Nero ROM. Can it be done in Nero OEM? Can it be done somewhere in DVD Shrink?

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

You can change booktype in Nero OEM. To do so, update your Nero OEM to version first:

Also update your 4120b firmware to A111 if you have not already done so:

Proceed to open Nero Express to the Final Burn Setting page. Click Options button on right of Current Recorder (which should be your 4120b[DVD]) to get to the Recorder Information page and you will find the book type settings in the Recorder options section. I set mine at automatic.

Thanks so much for you help.