Can the ASUS P4B266-LM motherboard support Nvidia Geforce FX5200

Hi, as mentioned above i have this mobo ASUS P4B266-LM and it has a crappy graphic card in it. and i was thinking of putting a geforce fx5200 but that card is an agp 8x card and i have an agp 4x slot. so will it work?

Thanks In Advance

8x AGP cards will generally work in a 4x AGP slot. The downside is that the card will step down and only utilize half the pipelines the card has to offer.


ok but is it only the pipelines that are gonna be used half or is it also the memory and so on?

Nothing to be worried about. Simply the interface speed might drop a little bit, barely to notice. Additionally, this card is not useful for gaming (like the rest of your computer).