Can the Alpine Nav DVD be copied?


This is my 1st post but have been doing lots of searches and reading

Im trying to back up my Alpine DVD navigation disk (NVD-V002), my original disk is now scratched as doesn’t always read in the machine causing it to lock up and reject the disk. I have already had quite a few goes at copying this and with no luck so far.

I have tried to copy it using the latest version of CloneCD by making an image 1st the burning back out, according to the file structures this made a perfect copy everything was identical in every way but yet it wouldn’t load.

I also have a Rar file of the latest disk (much newer than mine) which extracts to a full 7.9gb set of files, I burnt this using nero as a UDF – DVD but again didn’t work.

I have tried scanning the disk using A-Ray scanner but this seems to do almost nothing. I take it is because the dvd cant be installed on my pc ? When I try scanning it finds nothing also the scan is over in 0.02 seconds inc all 3 scans.

Can anyone help me out with this, surely it MUST be possible to copy this disk now we have duel layer writers

I’m using Traxdata DVD+R DL disks and a Pioneer 3520A writer


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Been doing some more digging and YES you can copy the Alpine Navigation DVD. In the end to fill the gap I ended up purchasing a backup from a guy in spain, although this does work after a fashion the machine doesnt alway boot from it when you start the car, it rejects it and you have to mess about loading and unloading untill it takes it then all is fine untill you turn the car off and start again.

I have found some burning instructions on emule but there in German as best as I can tell. Are there any german members on here who could break it down into an english version for me :iagree:

This is what I have ;

Dieser Akte, guardar,compartir und mit Zahlen umzubenennen (2 im Fall, einen zu haben,), Ihre Aufnahmenerfahrungen hinzuzufügen
Version 1, 3 im Fall, einen 2 zu haben.

 - Um zu haben, wenn alguién fähig gewesen wäre, diese Akte mit Erfolg aufzuzeichnen, und als er zu Tatsache, 

Von gebrauchter Aufnahme weich, das Aufzeichnen von Weg und im allgemeinen alle der dieser puerda, um für die anderen behilflich zu sein.

Meine Erfahrung:

Schließlich bin ich fähig gewesen, eine Sicherungskopie meiner Diskette alpiner nve-099p Kluger Landkarte für 2004 für meinen Navigationsoffizier zu machen

Das genutzte Mittel ist ein DVD+R 8.5GB gewesen
Der Toaster ist ein LG GSA-5163D für Hafen USB gewesen
Und schließlich ist das Aufnahmenprogramm der DVDEcripter gewesen, das genutzte für rippear DVD-Video oder Kopien davon zu machen
Sicherheit Ihrer Spiele vom PS2.

Sehr schließlich beschreibe ich Sie, um DVDecripter zu benutzen und zu konfigurieren.
Sie gehen in Form->ISO->Read hinein, und Sie setzten den originalen DVD Ihres Navigationsoffizieres in Ihre Einheit von DVD.
Dann werden Sie im Symbol des Lesers von DVD zu Akte platt, und Sie erzeugen einem Bild ISO + ihre Akte, die einander MDS entspricht.
Um das Bild zu verbrennen, gehen Sie in Form->ISO->Write hinein
Sie wählen das Bild von der Akte MDS aus, Konfiguration einzugravieren, die im Aktentaschensymbol platt wird.
Dann unten zum Recht dort ist ein Symbol der das Werden darauf platt das wir gehen in aufzeichnende Parameter hinein.
Wir gehen zur Peitsche Ihres Kassettenrecorders, in meinem Fall wählen die LG und wir DVD DL im ersten Stall und DVD ROM in zweiter Uhr aus
und wir werden in “Änderung” platt, wir nehmen an, und schließlich werden wir zu Toaster von DVD auf der Symbolakte platt, jetzt allein ist es
zu warten und sich zu erweisen.

Gut beruhige ich Sie, daß es wirklich funktioniert, benutze ich jetzt in meinem Navigationsoffizier ohne Problem einiges eine Sicherungskopie
denn einige Wochen und die Einheit für den Moment haben nicht geklagt.
Um zu sehen wenn jetzt jemand Sie das Bild der Klugen mühseligen Arbeiten-Landkarte Für von 2005, daß ich das von 200 benutze, und es hängt es im Maultier.




This text is translated from spanish to awful german maybe it’s from your backup friend from Spain :slight_smile:

p.s. It seems he simpy used DVDDecrypter in ISO mode although I can’t really believe this will work as the DVD seems to be protected.

I just ran the text through Babel Fish and this what I got:

This document, guardar, compartir and with numbers to rename (2 in the case to have one), to add your photograph experiences version 1, 3 in the case to have 2. - to have over, if alguién had been able to note this document with success and as it to fact, Of used admission softly, noting way and generally everything of the these puerda, in order to be helpful for the others. My experience: Finally I was able to make a backup copy of my disk alpine nve-099p of intelligent map for 2004 for my navigationsoffizier The used means is a DVD+R 8.5GB the toaster a LG GSA-5163D for port USB was been and finally the photograph program of the DVDEcripter was to make the used for rippear DVD video or copies of it security of your plays of the PS2. I very finally describe you, in order to use DVDecripter and configure. They go in in form ISO READ, and you set the original DVD of your navigationsoffizieres into your unit of DVD. Then you become flat in the symbol of the reader from DVD to document, and you produce + their document, which corresponds to MDS each other for a fig. ISO. In order to burn the picture, you proceed in form ISO Write inside you to select the picture from the document MDS to engrave configuration which becomes flat in the brief case symbol. Then down to the right a symbol that is flat on it there which we goes in into noting parameters. We go to the whip of your tape recorder, in my case select the LG and we to DVD DL into the first stable and DVD ROM in second clock and we become flat into “change”, we assume, to be waited and proven and finally will we to toaster of DVD on the symbol document flatly, now alone is it. Well I calm you down that it really functions, use I in my navigationsoffizier without problem some a backup copy some weeks and the unit for the moment did not complain now. Around to see someone the picture of the intelligent ones toilsome work map for of 2005 that I use by 200, and it hangs you if now in the maultier.




Thanks for the Quick replys, its like reading something that JaJa Binx has written :bigsmile:


Hi Folks,
I have been successfully able to copy and run the old version of the acrua MDX navigation ( 2.03 ). However the new version isn’t working. The new version is huge ( about 7.5 gig). I was able to burn it into DVD+R DL but the player refused to load it. I tried with and without modifying the booktype.

THe data on the dvd itself is not copy protected. However the player is not loading the dvd saying: unformatted disk. The backup dvd ( DVD+R) of the old version works flawlessly.
Since it is so costly, I would reallly like to make abackup. Any ideas??

Hey Mat,

Make an image with alcohol 120%, mount that image and then make a 1 on 1 copy with nero on a dual layer from your virtual drive.

This worked for me.

greetz G

Thanks for that mate ill give it a try, what media are u using to burn it on, writer ect and any special nero settings I may need to make, sing speed ect ??

Will be using a BenQ 1650 writer and i use Verbatim DL DVD’s currently have some DVD-Rs 4speeds, should I use +R’s ?


Matt any luck? keep us updated… thanks


anyone??? :sad:


Already answered in the other thread on this topic here.

Not getting anywhere with this :doh:

According to the other post on the above link there is no protection and it should just copy and work on a DL DVD-R.

I have used NERO to copy the original disk using the “Copy Disk” making an image then burning it on a Verbatim x4 DL DVD-R its coppied 100% and is a perfect match but the disk doesn’t work at all.

I have tried making an image using Alcohol 120% but im then having problems as for some reason it wont let me mount the image saying “invalid image file”. What about just copying and burning using Alcohol ?

Anyone else had anyluck with the above instructions :frowning:


another DL DVD-R :sad:

I read the other thread in this section on the Volvo DVD and decided to try DVD Decrypter, this read my disk giving me loads of info and showed up some errors in the nero copy I did just before, so gave it a go for both making the image and burning it.

But no luck :sad:

There is a lot of talk about booktype also on the Volvo thread. On the original Alpine disk it reads as a DVD-ROM, from what I have read is it not possible to change the booktype on a DL DVD-R ? Decrypter gives me the option to swap to a + but no ROM option .

My burner is BenQ 1650 using the Verbatim x4 DL DVD-R’s


Hi Matt,
This is the method I last used and documented for me to re use.

copy Volvo DVD using nero with the following settings
Target drive Nero 'image recorder’
Copy options - TICK On the fly (this may be the default)
Read options - Data DVD
Reading with error corection - retry count 1
TICK Ignore Read Errors

Applicable to LiteON Drives - check your make for similar utils.
Only if setting booktype to DVD-ROM
Open LiteON Booktype135.exe
change the setting so the next write is to be booktype DVD-ROM

Burn with DVDDecrypter V3.5.40

Tools|Settings|Iso Write Mode
Type SAO
Link Size AUTO
TICK Enable Burn Proof, Lock Volume, Cycle Tray before Verify(Optional)
All others UN TICK
Layer Break for DL Media - Select Calculate Optimal.

Write Speed MAX

Start Write

After write is complete the LiteOn booktype util should report the disk as DVD-ROM

You are correct that only DVD+R can be set to DVD-ROM - For my Volvo reader disk type is not currently an issue it has read a disk of each type i.e. DVD+R DL booktype DVD+R, DVD+R DL Booktype DVD-ROM and DVD-R DL Booktype DVD-R.
The cut off point depends on how much are you prepared to spend making coasters.

Disks that worked
Traxdata DVD+R DL 2.4X (Ritek Disk)
Infiniti Professional DVD+R DL (not sure of speed think its 2.4X)
Verbatim DVD-R DL 4X

Hope this helps!
Good Luck

I have successfully copied an Alpine NVD-A221 DVD Rom and it should work just fine for your disc as well. I used NERO to do a disc to disc copy. The only thing special is changing the DVD+RDL booktype to DVD-ROM and make sure you burm the disc at 2.4X. The Nav will reject any other booktype and may have data errors when burned at 4x or higher (although it may have been my burner giving me those problems). Also, DVD-RDL will NOT work at all. I have used Verbatim 2.4X-6X +RDL as well as Memorex 2.4X +RDL.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Guys for more info :slight_smile:

Alpgman; I followed your instructions to the letter but it wont load, the drive seems to spend a few seconds longer trying to read the disk but still throws it out.

This really sucks but I don’t want to admit defeat on this :disagree: , I have all the hardware to do it I’m sure and it can be done. I’m not in this to make a profit of any sorts more of a challenge trying to crack it.

Its possible to do it as copies are available ALA ebay

the one I bought from the Spanish guy months ago (top of the page) is on a Verbatim x2.4 DL DVD+R with the book file changed to DVD-ROM, this disk does load and run but not very often maybe 1 in every 10 goes. Which isnt good enough for me as I use my system all day long in my job.

David_C ill give your setup a try :wink:


PS, buring a DL+R’s at x2.4 really sucks (45mins) x4 is the way on thoes DL-R’s disks :wink: