Can the 716 overburn dvds to 5000 gb?

I dont know much about dvd overburning in general, or even if its possible…

According to CDR-Info’s review of the 716, it is possible to overburn DVD+R (but not DVD-R) to just over 4600GB.

Link to the review page

Here’s the relevant part from the review

- DVD Overburning Test

The drive supports overburning for the DVD+R format.

No drive can overburn to 5,000GB.
PX716/712 can overburn to 4.6GB~4,940MB :slight_smile:

Hi Zevia!

Can i use Nero, change the opcions to 4600, with no problems?

Thanks! :bow:

Can overburned dvds be read by other drives/stand alone players?

Yes. Also with all softwares that support overburn.

Below is TY T02 overburn to 4,49 GB = 4600MB (only shows 4599MB though).

Yes. I’ve tested only one though.

Hey, I wonder if it’s possible to hack GigaRec to work on DVD’s?

That would be smegging awesome!

Too bad we can tell Clone DVD to make a backup of a movie, on 4600MB, that shoul give us a litle less compression factor…unstead default ±4400MB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bit confused by your comment here. Are you saying that CloneDVD cannot backup to 4600MB? It can! But you have to give in a custom size in the Title Configuration screen (by default it’s set to DVD-5):

Target Size: Here you can adjust the target size yourself. You can choose between a DVD-5, a DVD+R DL, a Mini DVD, a DVD-RAM or Custom settings (100 MB to 9999 MB). The quality bar on the righthand side shows you the corresponding compression depending on the title selection and the target size.

Humm, i will see it at home, but i only can configure to DVD5, but not the Megas…i think…

All my overburned DVD+R media play fine in my standalone players and other DVD burners as well. I’ve only been able to get DVD+R to overburn with the 716, can’t get DVD-R to overburn burn past the nominal capacity (4489 MB).
My TY 8x DVD+R media overburn fine to 4635 - 4640 MB (approx. 2373500 sectors).

As to increasing bitrate on encodes, I find the c. 5% increase in disc capacity very useful.

I don’t think gigarec will ever be possible with DVD+/- media, but my hat will be off in respect to anyone who figures out how to hack the firmware to enable it…

Hi zyzzle!

Say, what software did you to burn it? I normally use Clone DVD (, but i didn`t find any opcion to limit the max. of Megas to 4600…instaed 4400 for default.
Of course i can go to Nero, and burn 4600 MG of any files, but how about movies? Change the limit of the final file compressed to 4600?



Well, after “open my eyes” a litle more, i went to the CloneDvd, i change to 4600MB, in Custom settings…
At this moment, im burning a movie. Lets wait for final result…

Strange thing was that the quality decrease from 77%(DVD5) to 75%(4600MB)…it`s weird…

Thanks a lot, Mordorr

:a Dam CloneDvd!

Only record 4250MB! It`s useless!

Back do DVD5 opcion! :frowning:


Ditch CloneDVD.

For those backups beyond 4489 MB I use DVDShrink 3.2, and set the ‘Custom Size’ in the options to 4640 MB. This works very nicely and gives the extra 150 MB and 4-5% increase in overall bitrate without errors or problems in my standalone players. Burn the resulting .ISO with DVD Decrypter it will work well. Alternately, you could use Nero’s “Overburn DVD” option and set it to 4600 MB, which is the Max it will allow without a registry hack. With this hack, you can get it up to the Max size of whatever DVD+R media you are using. Nero CD-Speed also has an excellent “Overburn” test option to get the exact capacity of your media, but it wastes a blank disc because the test is an actual burn, not a simulation. But, at lease then, you can get the absolute maximum capacity out of your 50- or 100-pack spindle of the same brand, same batch media. I’ve noticed variances from 4600 MB to 4670 MB total capacity on different brands of +R media.

Hope this helps.



Just did a slight overburn with my Plex 716A in the manner suggested by
zyzzle (CD-Speed - DVDDecrypter - latest version).

CDSpeed suggested I could overburn the Verbatim 16X MCC 004 FFP by 152 Megs.

This burn is amovie created with DVDRebuilder Pro V0.79(Beta), which
came out about 10meg oversized. Normally, before I got the Plex, I would
have run the oversized movie through DVDShrink to “shave off” the excess
megs, but now, following zyzzle`s method (thanks zyzzle :)), I simply overburn.

Go on -try again :iagree:

EDIT:btw, this burn was @16x.

zyzzle and JonUK!! :bow:

Thank you! To bad that Clone Dvd doesn`t cooperate… :rolleyes:

Well, now i must learn again to use DVDSrink…long time i don`t use it! :stuck_out_tongue:

But now, i have the tools and plans to do it! All the best and thanks again! :smiley:

Now, for finale, i could sugest a mini base of best media, for Overburning…

What do you thing?

Cheers, Mordorr

Hi Mordorr,

Well…I dont overburn that often, but when I do I would be happy to post to such a thread :slight_smile:



@Zyzzle. That is good info! I use Shrink to rip and Img Tool to burn with Nero. Do I need to make any other settings to burn 4640 MB? Thx. :slight_smile: