Can the 5006 record in RGB



I had a quick look at the SVP description and it states

“The Liteon LVW-5006 has the added feature over the 5005 of RGB and component video, this means that the recorder can record your TV programs in very high quality, a higher quality than the older 5005 model. This unit has the S-Video connection built into the scart socket.”

also any idea why the 5045 has a UK support number yet the 5006 doesn’t ?


Yeah it can, the RGB over scart in/outputs never worked right with the 5005, don’t know why there is no support number the 5006 it is the successsor to the 5005 but they still churn out the 5005 for some reason, their is a general support number in the back of the manual.

At a guess some UK highstreet store has some sort of deal with Lite-On selling the 5045 which is why there is a dedicated support line.


The reason I ask is the first 5005 units were based on the LVW5001 (using the boards direct) yet the second phase has the ability to output RGB and throughput RGB yet it records the composite signal onto the disk , this means that any prerecorded DVD will playback in RGB mode if recorded as such, if you have a digibox it will throughput RGB if the unit is in standby but will revert to composite when the unit is operated.

the second phase use the 8602 chip