Can\'t Rip Green Day CD (my copy)



[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ DW1640. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

Firstly, if this is in the wrong forum area, please redirect. Thanks.

Here’s a weird one. I bought American Idiot over the holidays & want to rip to the music partition on my HTPC. I cannot rip the final two tracks: 12 & 13. I have tried on three separate (HT)PCs. Have researched & there’s no evidence to suggest it is anything to do with copywrite. Besides, it would apply to ALL tracks.

Here’s what I have tried so far:

-rip using CDex 170b2 -my default CD ripper
-rip EAC 0.095b4
-rip using WMP11
-copy to CD-RW on-the-fly between BD drive & DVD writer

Thought the issue was the CD so I replaced it: same deal. With WMP the rips slowed from about track 8 until I got errors on the final two ones.

Any brainy ideas anyone? Please???


Here’s some further info.

First one is just after the sync error presents itself. You will notice the error correction has kicked in:

Next, we have it sfter some hours. I left it running overnight:

Finally, we are getting there. I still left it running when at golf all day:

Notice the hours: yawn.

After completion, I tried playback of generated *.wav file. It does not play fully. Also retried ripping track 13-whatsername: successfully this time using EAC with no errors but timing problem displayed in status box. It shows around correct storage size for wavefile but zero playback. Opened in wave editor & shows absolute flat lines on both channels. Can supply images if necessary.


Hmm…I ripped mine to MP3 ages ago…probably using Nero as I tend to, and it worked fine.

Maybe give another program a try and see if it works.

Edit: You have, but maybe give ImgBurn a go…make an image then burn that


Maybe something wrong with your drive, I also ripped mine just fine! Do other CDs rip OK?


Cheers for response. Tried Nero: no go; hung.

Am trying to burn image with Imgburn. Have gotten the following:

What does ‘No Seek Complete’ in relation to my issue? I gave up after 7 retries. Thanks.


Do you have another drive you can try? It would seem there is something wrong with your drive.


Just ripped & burnt an image successfully of The Feelers latest, an album newer than American Idiot. As stated, I have tried on three separate drives. Cheers.