Can.t read homemade dvds anymore?

can read store bought dvds & games, but not dvds I made a few mos ago, what the hell? I have been work’n on this problem for days now, I surrender, please help! real, windows , sonic’,or xp mce, dont see the homemade disks, matshita 830S thanx ($1,000,000. reward) sphyic!

always best to do a quality check after a burn. Speed burnt, humidity, storage, and disk type all have factors in how long a disk will last.

Buy a better drive, now send me the reward. lol

You haven’t mentioned the brand of media you used but I guess you’ve used a cheapy or a generic cheapy. That’s why they’re cheap…they use crappy dyes and presses and the data stored on the finished product sometimes won’t even last weeks, let alone months or years. The lesson here is always stick to known-brand disks and, preferably, ones sourced from suppliers like Taiyo Yuden.
As for your “unreadable” disks, download this free recovery software and give it a shot. No warranty as to its effectiveness but I’ve used it before and it’s got me out of a few jams.
Get it here:

I use 12 different brands and have not had a media problem like that yet! Hope I don’t! Will they play in any stand alone at all?

Also burn at 4X for cheap media!