Can,t get dvd to work

(i,m a newbie) I recently downloaded a bittorrent of my best movie how do i put that on a dvd.thanks

Hi gav37…welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Assuming you have read the forum rules and haven’t downloaded a pirated movie torrent (You wouldn’t do that, would you???). You can use a program like this:
to do the conversion. Good luck.

You might want to look at this software (freeware) as well:

hi stroppy thanks 4 that but i can play the movie with my vlc media but how do i get it to a dvd

You need to convert the divx or mpeg you downloaded to the DVD file structure. To do this, you open your downloaded file in either of the two conversion programs I listed, choose your output device (you’ll need a dvd burner in your PC or an external unit), load a blank dvd, and then let the program do its stuff. Conversions can take anything from 15 to 50 minutes depending on the size of the file to be converted, the speed of your processor and how much RAM you have. I suggest you download the freeware package and look at the built-in help guide.

thanks stroppy i,ll try that

hi stroppy me again i,v got nero6 can nero express do it and how (thanks very much new at this)

Nope, visit the link [B]Stroppy[/B] posted for SUPER.

hi chef can u help me please i av downloaded the film i can watch it in my vlc media but don,t know how to put on dvd disc ( i have nero 6 can that do it and how) please help thanx

Just rip it with DVDShrink in your hard drive and then burn it with Nero Burning ROM.