Can\'t flash \'generic\' OptoRite DD0405

[qanda]This thread is about the OptoRite DD0405. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]How do I get the 160E firmware to flash to this ‘generic’ version of the Optorite DD0405?

Most of the links out there, after all this time, still go to the dead Optorite site. I have found an RPC1 hacked flasher, but it refuses to work with my drive. 160ERPC1.EXE

The drive was free, was made April 2004 and has firmware contemporary with that date.

Perhaps it may ‘donate’ its laser to a homebrew wood engraver…

@ bizzybody,

Concerning ‘OptoRite’ I don’t believe the Taiwanese manufacturer OptorRite exists anymore.

Their Web Site [B][I]was[/I][/B] but when visiting that Web Site Page it should be noted that in the lower left had side of the Web Page there is an advertisement by Sedo that the domain is for sale.


I know the company is gone. I have the latest firmware installer for the drive, RPC1 hacked. I need to know how to force it onto the “generic” version of the drive.

[QUOTE=bizzybody;2197556]… I need to know how to force it onto the “generic” version of the drive.[/QUOTE]AFAIK there are no means to forceflash original Optorite drive with generic fimware.

Try firmwares available at The Dangerous Brothers.

Thanks. Found TDB has flashers for both the OptoRite branded and Generic versions of the drive.