Can`t burn I just can`t burn (Pioneer DVR-116D)

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-116D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]People help help please help! I just cant take it any more! This is serious if I cant find solution here i will have to buy whole new comp just to be able to burn dvds. Ok so its starts like this: I CANT BURN ALMOST ANYTHING! It just says invalid block address with many programs: imgburn, ashampoo… Its the same problem with Samsung 223f, pioneer 216d and 116d (all new) so i can freely conclude that is everything all right with dvd burners. Also everything is alrigth with the system becouse I did fresh reinstall with XP SP2 then XP SP3 then Vista without and with SP1 with the latest and drivers from bundle cd. So its not u to the system either. I did put newest firmware on every this dvd burners- it did not help. I have Gygabyte GA-945pl-s3p motherboard and i did put latest bios. Some friend told me that I instal latest ide drivers but Im not able to find it on gygabyte site altrhoughe I did updated every driver on my comp using uniblue driver scanner , driver max etc... so Im gessing thay did the job. I have sata HDD disc so its not mather is my pioneer 116d master or slave right? Sometimes ashampoo burning studio says it cannot find compatible dvd burners… somethimes just failed sometimes invalid block address often can`t burn multisession data disc. Imgburn while it burning device buffer its not stable at all it goes form, 80%-94%. Before with my asus 1608S I did not have that problem. It was always 94%… So system fresh and new, BIOS new, firmware new, disks are Verbatim, princo, and some others. help.

Are you using 80 wire IDE cables?

Yes I`m using 80 wire IDE cable. From motherboard to dvd-burner. HDD is sata. do yo have any ideas?

Cmon people help my case should be challenge for you. Also I would like to mention that often simulation goes well , without problems but when I click "ok now record for real" it failed anyway. Im considering formating other 2 partition on my hdd and then use fresh install becouse maybe is something bad on other partition which involves while win XP doing fresh reinstall. you know while its installing it create temp fold on partition D so I`m thinking maybe something go inside that folder while install is running. :frowning:

Usually Master is preferred.
Do you have Dameon Tools installed?

I will put master. I have latest demon tools, same problem with or without deamon tools. Thank you for trying to help me who ever you are. Althrough i doubt master will solve anything becouse same problem i have wit samsung 223f and pioneer 216d both sata.

Use a Linux LIVE cd/dvd, boot form it, try to burn something then.