Can split DVD-Playback with VSO?

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1st at all thanks for view. I want to know if VSO can split file (4.4GB) for LONG List avi convert in same time ?

mean, 45minute TV Series only can add 4epd each DVD, but I want to know if put 20-24epd one time, can i run and spit (auto) to 4.4Gb ? it safe time, koz when go to bed i can convert and after wakeup all totaly done. :cool:

can it do something like that ? thanks for help and have a nice day all :iagree:

ConvertX does not split projects acress several discs. What you want to do is basically batch converting. There are some tools out there that help you with this task.

Have a look at the following thread at CDRZone:

thanks dude… it rely HELP … not waste my time anymore :clap: :cool:

have a nice day dude :flower: