Can Sony DW-D26A firmware JYS2 (OEM) be updated?



NEW at this so take lots of pity on me please. Have purchased a Sony DW-D26A drive but have learned this drive is OEM – not Sony supported. The firmware is JYS2. Can this firmware be updated?> If so, what drive and which firmware?

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Your gonna have to create this topic in the newbie forum, this was just for tips and rules.

to give you some of an answer, because i own a benq, the firmware can be updated but i dont know where to get it or what to update to, make sure you read the sony dvd hardware forum, use the search, because im pretty they have covered questions like that, still cant find anything post it in the newbie forum.


Just do a search in the firmware forum, or in the forum for your specific drive, and you will find what you seek.


Thanks for the info

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