Can somone please help me out?

…just to let you guys know ima noobie…kk i just got Age of mythology titans expansion and the first one…my cuzins always borrow my games and i wanna know how to burn this game…i tried with hotburn but it didnt work then i tried nero …and went to dvd then copy dvd and it didnt work it said readable error or something like that…then i tried clicking cd and then copy cd and it still didnt work…SO WHAT SHOULD I DO…WAT PROGRAM SHOULD I USE AND WAT SETTINGS DO I NEED TO CHANGE /ALTER…thanks and much apreciated if you help me out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if you gave details more clearly. The following comments are based on what I think you are saying.

First, is the game on CD or DVD. If it is on CD, then you will obviously get an error if you use the copy DVD function.

Secondly, assuming it is a CD, is the CD copy protected (quite likely I think)?
Nero will not copy “copy protected” CDs.

There is plenty of freeware that will copy copy protected DVDs, but of course you should respect copyright issues.

^^^^thnx yo …it is cd because this game came out a while ago so it wont be dvd…and wat freeware programs do u suggest ???

plz someone help…i tried with some cd program and it finised burning sucessfully but for some reason it didnt work…plz someone help me !!!

@ cprime
Welcome:). try the CD Backup Guides and Tutorials or the copy/protection forum

YO I DID THAT and burned good…but the problem is when i install it and then when i put in the disc 1 to play the game it says cannot star game re-insert disc 1 AND RESTART …plz help

Just do everything it says in the guide, and you will be fine.

Ben :slight_smile:

yes i did do everything from that guide…then when im done bruning and installing the game it says please re–inster the cd-rom

What burner did you use to create the cd?

dvd burner …???is dat the problem ??? thank u everyone for helpin me

Even with the software, you need a dvd burner that is a (2 sheep) burner. It has to be able to read and write bad sectors. CDRW drives work better for copying weak sectors. Or, you need a Plextor, Pioneer, LG, and there are some other dvd burners that can handle weak sectors. Some of the older CDRW’s work good. Especially the Liteon, Yamaha, even my Mad Dog 52 x does pretty good at making copies.