Can Something On My Discs Be Killing My Optical Drives?



Does rootkit or anyother protection cause a drive to no longer read discs?

I had an HP Discwriter Cd52 that over time recognized fewer and fewer music AND data discs over time.

That drive was set as a Master on my MOBO’s Secondary Channel.

I moved that drive to the Slave position on the Secondary Channel and added a CD-ROM drive in the Master position. I think it worked a little better after that. However, over time, the cd52 CD-RW drive wouldn’t recognize ANY discs of any kind.

I replaced the HP with my old TDK burner in the Slave position. All has worked well when I use the CD-ROM to rip music with CDex and the TDK burner to burn discs.

The Problem Returns

I attmepted to rip from either
20 Greatest Hits 1962
20 Greatest Hits 1963
The Best of 60’s Party Rock
placed in my CD-ROM using CDex.

I always hold down the <Shift> key.
I get the “Reading CD Cursor” on my screen for a moment at a time for maybe three or four times. CDex and MY Computer show no disc in the drive. After a while, the drive ejects on it’s own. No discs can be read/seen/detected in my CD-ROM drive.

I recall attempting to rip from one of the 20 Greatest Hits discs back when I was using the HP cd52. I put the three discs listed above aside.

I have been able to rip from other discs in my TDK CD-RW in the slave position with CDex.

Could there be something on one of the above listed discs that killed my HP cd52 and now my CD-ROM drive???

What can I do/try?