Can someone translate this for me please!

Hi guys,
Can someone translate this text from french to english for me please:

Bienvenue sur Flying Blue
M. pavle kocev,
nous accusons reception de votre inscription.

Votre profil a bien ete enregistre.
Conservez bien votre identifiant, vous en aurez besoin pour acceder a
certains services proposes sur ce site.
Votre identifiant : 2516239634.

Merci d’avoir choisi Air France, KLM.


Have you tried Babelfish? My French is pretty rusty, I can make out some, but not much that would be of use.

Welcome to Flying Blue Mr. pavle kocev, we acknowledge receipt of your registration. Your profile has been updated/registered. Keep hold of your 'log in/ID/Profile number etc/, you will need your ID/Password etc to access certain parts of the site. Your identifier: 2516239634. Thank you for choosing Air France, KLM.

With a bit of GCSE french to help translate the babelfish translation LOL, thats what I figure it means.

Sounds about right from the little I could make out (GCSE French here as well). :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot mate :bow: :bow: :bow: