Can someone tell me what drive this is?

Hi i bought recently a philips SPD3500CC usb 2.0 external lightscribe drive,
I have been fiddling with cd/dvd drives for years but am stumped as to what model this is!
I do know its either a LH 18A1H or a DH 20A1H,please look at the photos, and you will see both part numbers on the same drive?:confused:

Also i have just tried to crosflash the drive to an LH 19A1H and it worked,i loaded the firmware etc restarted windows works fine.
But when i go and try to crossflash to the 20A1H i get this?
Does any one know what it means(last picture)

Hi i had a typo above it should of been a LH 18A1H not LH 19A1H!
I have no flashed it to a LH 20A1H!
I would still like to know what model this is meant to be though then flash it to that true liteon model unless anyone can recommend any different:)

itโ€™s the LH-18A1H. SPD3500CC only has 18x write speed

Thanks for that!
Just thought it was a bit strange that it had 20A1H on the label also,didnt know if philips had slowed it down by putting a 18A1H firmware on it because it was in an external case(heat,noise etc)

18A1H and 20A1H hardware will be identical, the 18X max. speed is set in the firmware (probably because the USB bridge used in the enclosure canโ€™t reach higher speeds). Youโ€™ll already need optimal conditions to get it up to 16X. But other than that, you can use LH-20A1H firmware no problem.

Many thanks for all your help!
I have however just updated the drive to the LH 20A1H and tried a lightscribe verbatim cdr in it and the led just flashes and doesnt recognise it.
Would this give anyone an idea what might be wrong?
Thankyou once again