Can someone tell me if this is good or not?

I just picked up a 832s and flashed it with the CG3E firmware. I then burned a movie and did this scan below. I’m new to this so i am not sure if this is a good or bad scan? I was reading the other posts but i still couldn’t get a good answer.

Can someone explain to this noob what i am seeing. :slight_smile:



Unfortunately it’s not good. It starts off fine but in typical G05 fashion it produced a huge error mountain at the end. A large block of PIF errors, above 4 like that, are almost certain to produce a read error. You can test this by using Nero CD-DVD Speed and doing a transfer rate test on the disc.

Check out the [thread=100190]strategy switching thread[/thread] and see if you can find a better strategy to use for the G05 and then change it with the OmniPatcher.

G05s generally have an error mountain (rather, cliff) at the start of the burn. So to see that there isn’t one here makes me wonder if they finally fixed the G05 strat in VS0E.

@unbreakable98 the forum standard comparison speed for kprobe2.4.2 is 4x. :slight_smile: Could you rescan and repost? It might be interesting for all to see the difference

Using the recommended tweaks, it’s at the end, without the tweaks, it’s at the beginning. :wink:

Anyway, I’ve been looking at the -R module in the VS0E firmware and there are significant changes to the -R code, which up until VS0E, has pretty much remained untouched. I tried a CMC MAG.AE1 at 8x, with VS0E, and the result was terrible. The NEC 3500 burned the same media perfectly at 8x.

Well spotted.

Yes please show us a new scan using 4x scan speed.

Thanks for the info guys, here is a scan at 4x. I just bought a 3500a so i am going to see how it does also.

Well that made a big difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have the recommended tweaks applied? If so it might pay to try the G05 switched back to it’s original strategy, just to see what it’s like.

I did have the tweaks applied. I tried it without the tweaks and the results are basically the same.

As a general rule what kind of graph or numbers would be considered “good” for scan.

Thanks again.


In your scans the PIs are good, it’s the PIFs (PI Failures) that are the problem. PIs can go as high as 280 and except for the odd spike, PIFs must not go above 4.

Check out these threads to better understand BLER scans:

Actually, I wouldn’t say it will produce read errors… you should try doing speed scan on it, and also do disc quality test, to see how it goes

Thanks again guys for the help. I am a little more familiar with things now. I changed the write strategy for the G05 to G06. Here are the results.