Can someone tell me if I should worry or can they put my mind at ease?

OK, a while back I was hacked to hell. Now, I’ve had the wireless and Bluetooth, network sharing and al of that stuff disabled for ages and only have this laptop connected to my router via ethernet. Anyway, today using Belarc Advisor I got the following results - lots of things in ‘Software Versions & Usage’ which I don’t know what they actually are, but are installed and have been used recently (according to the key below them) meaning use of my PC’s network connection worries me, certain things like Intel - Active Management Technology Local Manageability Service and plenty more - basically anything to do with networking, as well as Samba Server and Browse Master’s very presence (are they always there on PCs by default?). When using Ubuntu ages back when I was getting hacked, someone had managed to emulate a wired connection to my PC (and I was actually using a wireless connection then!) so I’ve seen people latching onto my network before.

It’s an HTML document in a zip file so as I can attach it, or just follow the link here to look at it online.

I’ve also turned my PC on in the mornings and sometimes after being 100% charged the night before, in Hibernate (NOT Sleep), after resuming it’s been at 93% - but not every morning. This is is only about 2 months old and it’s a 9 cell battery (Dell L521X) and I believe PCs can be woken from Hibernate remotely (or maybe there’s some malware on there that does it to mess around with my system, I don’t know - or is this not possible?).

You may want to check your router, hackers have been hacking into routers and changing the routers DNS settings which is basiclly called “Man-in-the-middle” this type of hacking gives the hacker complete access to the victums ssystem.

To check your router give the link below a read…

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