Can someone tell me how many sheep my combo drive is?

It is a lite-on SOHC-5232K Firmware: NK05
Just wandering if anyone knows if it is a 1 sheep or 2 sheep writer without going through all the hastle to test it.

lol. What is a sheep? :rolleyes:


Matt must be from NZ, they are big on sheep over there, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaaaaa

2, I think…

how many sheep is the 832S at vs0A?

AFAIK, all modern Liteys are 2. It’s a function of the chipset, and Mtk chipsets have a long 2-sheep history.

WFT are you guys talking about?

If it is about some sorta sick “barnyard fun”, I am outa here!!!




Check out CloneCD and you’ll know what we mean…

Ahhh… okay. I didn’t put it together. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Code!


I knew what he was talking about hence the baaaaaaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaaaa = 2 sheep

Hey having a bit of fun doesn’t hurt, :wink: :wink:

(If he is in NZ you never know, it might have a double meaning) :eek:

OMG. i didnt know my burner had sheep. lol. :bow: -> LITEON


ya I love the newbies that ask that.

i know clonecd but i dont get what sheep is refering to
someone clue me in

Copy protection (specifically, EFM capabilities).

… and I thought we were “weird” around here where I live! :slight_smile:

go figure


Thank god someone explained that!
For a moment I thought that Jackal was just getting hungry :bigsmile: