Can someone teach me how to burn?

I am wondering if it is possible for me to burn the games I have installed on my PC (from,, ect.) onto a disc??

I just got a new laptop (Dell) and it has a DVD burner in it and it also came with Roxio. I just tried burning a game as a data DVD from there and it worked on this new laptop but not on my old one.
Do I have a setting wrong?

Any help would be much much appreciated!! :bow::bow:

I guess I am going to reply to my own post! I thought maybe I should clarify that the games I want to burn to discs- I own. I bought them from particular web sites anyway.
I don’t want people to think I was stealing and thats why I wasn’t getting any responses back.

Do I need a program like that gamejack or clone or something??
Thanks again.


please keep in mind, that all users here are volunteers. They will answer, or they will not. Nobody can expect getting an answer within a couple of minutes.

Regarding your initial question:
I assume, the games are downloadable installers. Burning them as data disc with any CD or DVD burning software should work for archiving them.

Maybe just your old computer has problems to read the disc. You might try other media, and if the files aren’t too large, CD-R may be a better option.


Hi. And sorry I got too impatient. :o

Thank you for your reply. I will try to burn again on a CD-R this time. I actually tried playing that 1st disc in 3 different PCs this morning. My old one and also my boyfriends laptop, and then of coarse my new one. The huge difference between the new one and the 2 older ones is Vista and WinXP, and the older laptops can’t burn DVDs; only read them.
So that shouldn’t make any difference right??

So I will give it another shot.
Just out of curiosity what kind of burning software is good to use and also easy to use. I would really like to play around with this burner, (movies, music, all of it!) I just don’t know where to start.

I apologize again for seeming rude in my earlier post. Thank you

ImgBurn is a good program and it’s free, but it won’t remove the copy protection on movies as you would have to have a ripping program for that, Just google for it and you can find out all about the program

I have Vista and I use 1clickDVDCopy Pro which you need to buy but it’s terrific and very easy. If you get this you will need to have DVD43 running in the background which is free and works very well.
I also bought ConvertXDVD which will burn DivX movies and I found that terrific also.
I find the cost is good considering what you get but you can have a look and read and see what you think.
There is a bonus software that you get when buying 1clickDVDCopy Pro also and I think from memory that there are trial versions available so you can see how they work and what you think before you buy. This trial version also applies to other good programs such as CloneDVD which is great too, depending on your system and what you decide.
Good luck.