Can someone summarise what each disc manufacturer is like please?

I’ve been looking for a summary of disc manufacturers on Club MyCE, and I can’t find any which would be onto the topic - It’s too “fragmented”

I have some brands lined up, would somebody be so kind as to rank them, and give a brief summary what that producer is like?

Ritek (Arita, RiDisc, etc)
CMC MAGNETICS (Memorex, Datasafe, etc)
Plasmon Data Systems (Hyundai, EMTEC, etc)
Mitsubishi Chemicals (Verbatim, etc)
Taiyo Yuden (JVC, Taiyo Yuden, etc)

Feel free to list any more :slight_smile:
Also, can someone list the vital difference between B-Grade and A-Grade material. Thanking you kindly :slight_smile:


First off, are you talking DVD or CDR media? :slight_smile:

The order I’d place those in a list for DVD media, would differ from the order I’d use if talking about CDRs.

Moser Baer India would be a worthy addition to the list I reckon. :slight_smile:

Of course! I completly forgot about MBI! :doh:

Either CD or DVD is desirable how do each perform

PS, Ive yet to see a Plasmon DVD-R :slight_smile:

In my opinion for whatever that is worth and its probably not worth all that much :bigsmile:
my picks for DVD and Cd would have to go in this order.

  1. Taiyo Yuden (JVC/Taiyo Yuden) for both DVD and Cd but never any Value Line (Excellent)

  2. FTI produced TTH02 for DVD discs MIUAE (Best)

  3. MCC for Verbatim DVD but never any Life Series (Good)

Ritek/CMC and the rest :Z are no where on my list. :disagree:

Ritek/CMC and the rest :Z are no where on my list. :disagree:[/QUOTE]I have CMC and Ritek on my CD-R list. At least good enough for usage in my car. Lasted several years if they are kept dark.


Indeed, I would vouch for CMC (probably lesser so Ritek) on my CD-R list. The odd one or two is skipping, but I think this was more down to bad handling than a fault with the CD :wink:

ALTHOUGH about CMC - Excellent everyday quality discs, for things non-essential - BUT STAY AWAY FROM DATAWRITE TITANIUMS! :Z :a

I’ve always rated Ritek for CDRs…especially under decent brands. Stable enough, mine too have lasted a good few years.

As far as Plasmon go for their CDRs - I’ve only come across them once, but I wasn’t impressed. These were Intenso branded.

I’ve never come across Plasmon-made DVD media either. :wink:

x2 on the Datawrite Titanium CMC remark :wink:

My picks (in order by quality) are:

[B]CD-Rs[/B]: 1. Taiyo Yuden 2. FalconMedia Pro 3. Ritek
[B]CD-RWs[/B]: 1. Mitsubishi Chemicals
[B]DVD+Rs[/B]: 1. Infomedia 2. Mitsubishi Chemicals 3. Taiyo Yuden (8x)
[B]DVD-Rs[/B]: 1. FalconMedia Pro 2. Mitsubishi Chemicals 3. Infomedia
[B]DVD+R DLs[/B]: 1. Mitsubishi Chemicals 2. FalconMedia Pro 3. CMC Magnetics
[B]DVD±RWs[/B]: 1. Ricoh (preferably made by Ritek) 2. Philips 3. Mitsubishi Chemicals

Hey chaps, sorry it took so long to get back to you :doh:

I think Pepst is right on the money, but I don’t ignore everyone else who has commented on this thread :iagree:

I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s opinion’s on Ritek because everyone on here has had enough experience to vouch for certain brands - But after all of the brands I have used using the Ritek brand - Maxell, Arita, they were the most disappointing, compared to CMC media.

But since everyone has had a good experience with Ritek (and if Pepst recommends it, you KNOW it’s damn good), I’m in no way prepared to argue that Ritek didn’t feel so great - But since people recommend it, over CMC or in some cases MBI (highly recommended) …I feel no choice BUT to buy them.

Results are better on Ritek media compared to CMC and the other shoddy brands… But maybe, I need to buy Ritek under proper brands? Arita discs, those that did actually work, seem to be holding up nicely, but only time will tell if it is truly garbage media. :rolleyes:

RiData are cheaper than Verbies and since were on a stringent budget… They might be a good option. Or, failing that, Memorex was an excellent brand for me, but I worry for outsourcing. :disagree: Naughty! :flower:

I think threads like this just illustrate how different people’s experiences of any media can differ - which is no bad thing, it can make for a good discussion! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been lucky enough to find any FTI-made discs at all - although I mainly shop B&M and not online for media. So can’t vouch for them. But fortunately others have :slight_smile:

Also things like the drives people use, can have a bearing on experiences. :slight_smile:

]I make a vital correction - Arache is right on the money as well, thankyou :clap:

Now, that being said, I have a feeling I’m doing something wrong when I burn media - I go through so many coasters it’s unbelievable :frowning: I originally suggested it’s a bad brand I got - But I think it’s more than that :frowning:

The discs I have used are: (DVD-R)

Bulkpaq, RiDisc Maxell, RiVision… Maybe another brand, but my chances of decent success is few and far between - Only Maxell have proven to be decent enough to be reliable. Only two discs were faulty skipped out of the 60 I’ve used, maybe more. (RitekF1 dye, all the rest were CMC MAG AM3)

Pioneer and CMC were never a good combo as I learned, so I’m wondering (since the burner was such an old one if it was the firmware installed was kack - Because only HALF of the CMC MAG discs verified successfully - I probably threw away more Bulkpaq RiDisc and RiVision discs than I did actually keep. Frustrating, but an expensive lesson learned. :Z

Interestingly though the CMC MAG discs I did actually burn on my DVD recorder are still perfectly playable - But on my now defunct Pioneer burner, they didn’t verify or verified really slowly. They might have been playable.

Even though CMC MAG discs might have been excellent all rounder discs - And I’m more than ready to give then another try - They just wern’t on my Pioneer burner. In short, they sucked! :Z

Different things work for different burners. I know for CMC discs stay away from Pioneer burners AND do away with their DVD-R. Their quality control is too inconsistent to be reliable.

CMC MAG CD-R, however, are perfectly acceptable, but since I invested in a MP3 player, I rip all of my CD tracks onto my MP3, and then another copy done on FLAC copied over onto my portable hard drive, or otherwise downloading from the internet. I don’t listen to CDs anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

As for data storage… Well CD-R in practicality should be used for short term storage only - I ALWAYS make duplicates of data, along with a master on my hard drive, and a copy on my external. Call me cautious :cool: As of such, I always buy the cheapest CD-R brand out there, designed for short term use only - But the amount of failure rate for Arita is downright diabolical :a

I only really by CD-Rs if I’m making audio CD copies for other people - Quality isn’t really imperative as it’s not that precious :wink: I always like to have a stack of CD-Rs though, just in case :slight_smile:

(EDIT: CMC CD-R brands used - Datasafe, ASDA’s own, RiDisc, HP, etc)

Ritek CD-R for me - Garbage. Nuff said. In summary: Ritek for DVD-R and CMC for CD-R :slight_smile: (very little failures with CMC CD-R :iagree: )

Now you mention it, I think I may have overlooked CMC’s CDRs just a tad. I have some under the TDK brand (and have used plenty of Verbie ones), and even being chucked about in the car they’ve stood up well - nothing gets put back in its case in our car, hehe.

Your Pioneer may have not been a tolerant reader, in addition to it maybe being a bit long in the tooth - I know the Pioneer’s that I’ve had (the 110D and 115D) weren’t as tolerant of disc issues as say, MediaTek chipset drive. Similar reading performance to other NEC chipset drives I’ve had. Does make them good for TRTs though. :smiley:

Haha no worries :slight_smile: