Can someone suggest some media for me please?



Hello all. I was hoping someone could suggest some media for me based on my needs and maybe give me an idea of the most i should pay and maybe where to shop for it.
I have a plextor 708a- 8x burner. Im looking for dvd-r

(i heard that the dvd-r 4x can burn at 8x is this true?) If so, i what media 4x dvd-r media in conjunction with my plex burner will work well for making back ups of Dvd movies, xbox games, and ps2 games. thanks alot in advance!


Not sure about overclocking 4x disk although I have seen some post on it do a search about it, but my choice of media are tdk= and ridata=



by the way those media i havenever had a problem with any system dvd player,ps2 xbox, but it does depend on the device you are playing them in everyone has differnt drives and etc some work with others


pretty sure some 4x media can go at 8x…


The top write speed for DVD-R on the PX-708A is 4x, so no, it can not do 4x -R media @ 8x, as the drive does not support 8x DVD-R


umm its a 8x burner…what are you talking about?


Read here:

or anywhere else that mentions the PX-708A. It is clear that the drive is 8x DVD+R & 4x DVD-R.


Have used ridata 4x dvd-r media upgraded or used hacked firmware to unlock pioneer dvr ao7 and burned at a 8x speed but came upon a few problems would only burn a 1x until reinstalled nero 6.0 went back to pioneer firmware 1.18 and back to 4x burning but I did love the 8x it flew! :smiley:



Try out some Prodisc 4x and 8x +R’s

They are AWESOME for the price point-

Good dealers are and

Happy Burnin’



Never had problems burning Datawrite Red V3 (4x) at 8x
most Bulkpaq’s I’ve used don’t like the overclocking


Last I looked newegg had a 100 pack of Ridata branded (Ritek) 4x DVD+R’s for $38. It didn’t have the Free Shipping Saver but they were still a great deal for Ritek’s overall. These you can run at 8x with modified firmware on some drives just fine. I can burn 'em all day long at 8x on my NEC2500A with Herries 1.07v2b5 firmware. :wink:


As mentioned above, 4x Ritek DVD-R would be a good choice or if you want nothing but the best then Taiyo Yuden would be the way to go. There are some excellent prices on 4x and 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R at


If you want Taiyo Yuden DVD-R, check out best buy, they have FujiFilm (Made In Japan = TY) 50 packs of DVD-R on sale for $29.99.

Definitly a great price for TY DVD-R’s i think, make sure though to check that the spindle is really ‘Made in Japan’

this deal ends on the 25th, so hurry :slight_smile:


Did you purchase some of these and confirm that for sure. I know Made In Japan Fujis are supposed to = Taiyo Yuden but what about the new Fujifilm dye?