Can someone recommend good media on LG4040b?



Can someone recommend good media to burn with LG4040b? It’s hard to find good 4x media. I was thinking of buying some Traxdata 8x media, but I’ve read that they don’t work well on lg4040b. I was also thinking of other Ritek 4x discs but I’ve read bad things about some of the brands. I would have bought some Traxdata 4x dvd-r discs, but they seem impossible to find in the UK. Other Ritek discs I am considering are Arita and Clonedisc, but I have heard both good and bad things about them, and I don’t know how they will work on my burner.


Taiyo Yuden TYG01, very cheap and relatively good.


What brands are they sold as cheap? I see that verbatim use that dye, but they are not very cheap. Do you know any european online store that have these discs? Quality 4x discs in general seem very hard to find these days.


I am not even accustomed to the Pound sign and English is the only European language I’m familiar with. Never been to Europe either. :slight_smile:

Also, Europe is too large and has too many people and is #3 market in the world. Try first your local distributors. Do not ask resellers. Ask the major importers and distributors directly. Read the posts from the very experienced and knowledgeable users who live in the same city or region as you wherever they are. That’s usually what I do to find out.


I live in Sweden and here they have a “copy tax” of about 0.6 dollars on every disc you buy so discs are very expensive here. Also it is very hard to find quality discs and shops don’t have a clue when you ask them about who has really manufacturred a disc. Local distribututors are not much better. I have tried to contact a local distributor to find stores were they sell their dvd’s but they point me to stores that only sell their cd’s or the wrong discs.

Therefore I find it much cheaper and easier to buy discs from the UK. The only problem I have now is that my LG4040b burner doesn’t seem to like 8x discs. 4x Traxdata has always worked fine, but I have heard that 8x doesn’t work well and I can’t find 4x discs any longer. Every UK online store I’ve tried say that they won’t be selling 4x discs any more. The only have som crap brands left. Since the shipping cost from UK is rather high, I can’t just order one disc to find out if it works or not on my burner so finding a quality disc that work well isn’t that easy.


you could try ARPMedia they still stock a few 4X discs.


Not all people who are employeed at the distributors know what MIDs are at all. Ask them what media are YUDEN000T02 and most will not answer. It’s the same everywhere. You have to know whom to talk to. Sweden’s one of the best places in the world actually when it comes to DVD recordables. Tax is entirely a side issue. The money is spent on welfare and other things. Not on the media. So when you say US$0.5, it should be excluding tax when comparing prices from one country to another. I’ve seen quite many people from Sweden on DVD recordable web forums, far more knowledgeable and experienced than most veteran users in Seoul. Try media forum, deal forum, or any other place to find better media sources. There are also quite many well-developed media deal threads dedicated to UK market.


I found some cheap Platinum DVD+R 8x discs from the swedish online store They are manufactured by Ricoh which I have read is among the best cheap DVD+R media. I bought one and it burned fine in 4x. I also got hold of a Traxdata DVD-R 8x disc but it will only burn in 2x speed.