Can someone recomend a sata dvd burner that is good at Reading DVD's


At my old computer I had a Pioneer dvd burner that was excelent when it came to read bad dvd’s. Now I got a new computer and need a burner that is good at reading dvd’s. And it need to be a SATA interface.

Currently I’m looking at

Sony NEC Optiarc Intern SATA AD-7203S DVD±RW 20x
Pioneer Intern SATA DVD±RW 18x DVR-212BK

Is some of them a good choice or can you recomend something else?

Hi Pucko,

I’m sure either of those mentioned will be absolutely fine.

I’ve had a couple of earlier Optiarcs(AD-7170S)installed for a few months now,one of which has Liggy & Dee’s firmware installed,and I’ve never had a problem burning anything,from CD audio to DVD-R/DVD+R to complete films with all the extras on DVD-DL(I use Pidata DVD-DL 8x from svp),all of which play flawlessly both on the PC & on my standalone Pioneer DVD HDD recorder.

Hope that gives you a decipherable ‘real world’ answer to your enquiry.

NB:These are both installed an an Asus P5b Wi-fi board,along with 4 sata & 1 Ide HDD incidentally,so compatiblity shouldn’t be a problem,but I’d advise installing all your HDD’s 1st if at all possible,and maybe running windo$e set-up(if that’s what you’re using)from a temporarily installed Ide CD/DVD player if at all possible,which may help alleviate the occasional confusion over assigned drive letters.

Hello. Again. I already have one dvd writer (TSST Corp DVD+RW TS-H653A) that comes with my dell computer. What I’m looking for is something to use for reading (For example creating iso’s with).
So the most important thing for me is that It’s good at reading dvd’s
My Pioneer 4x writer (think the name was 106 or sometihing like that) was able to read dvd’s that my nec or other drives did not manage to read.

Your current drive should be a Samsung SH-S183A, which is an excellent drive when it comes to damaged discs.

You will have a hard time finding any other drive that will be a better reader.

Ok thanks. Than I should consentrate on a good writer then and use my current one as a reader.