Can someone post some images of scans?

Im looking for scans with verbatim disks so i can compare quality with the ones im using, thx

the scans will vary in quality based on burner, batch, firmware and speed burnt. But if you want some scans anyway, here are some that are burnt at 8x on my nec 3540a with firmware w9, with verbatim dvd-r 8x media.

another because the pie was a little off

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i was really looking for the discs to be verbatim 16x dvd+r but thanks anyway

the image doesnt seem to be there?

Absolutely. :slight_smile:

I have some Made in India Verbs here (MCC004), I’ll burn one and scan it in, just for you.

sorry, had to upload from an external server, and made a typo. Should be ok now though

You’re being a bit lazy as there is a whole thread in media testing with verb scans

Just go to the last pages and work your way back and see which match the media code. It is not a good idea to compare scans from different drives as they will all report differently anway.

how much better are verbatims than CMC, i did a scan here it is(this CMC disc is around 7 months old aswell)

(its the first post on the page)

OK, here ya go…freshly burned @ 16x on my LG4163, Made in India Verb +R

(I believe the date is the date of the image I was burning)

Bear in mind that your result will differ, as your burning drive is different, and so is your scanning drive.

thx, do u think its worth buying verbatims?

I think it’s a good idea. Be very careful about the Made in India ones, though…they burn very well for some (like me), but on the whole, folk aren’t so keen. If it says Made in Taiwan, you’re definitely good to go.


ok, im gona get some 16x dvd+r ones, it £25 for 100, is this a good price?

I got mine on sale at Sainsbury’s (£5.99 for 25).

If you can buy online, try - a lot of us use them, their prices are very good, as is their customer service. :slight_smile:

Actually, that’s only a quid more than I paid…I’d say that’s an OK price, thinking about it :iagree:

ok il get those this weekend

That’s two important points. :iagree:

@[B]the original poster[/B]:

  1. There is a full media test section that you can browse, just follow the links provided by [B]JayC30[/B].
  2. You can compare your own scans [B]ONLY to scans performed in the very same drive as yours and at the same scanning speed.[/B]

FYI - @ svp the printables MCC004 are from Taiwan and seem excellent and the non printable MCC004 are from India - and seem medium->good