Can someone post a pic of Silver OEM TY?

Can someone who has non-branded OEM 8X DVD-R TY post a pic of what the top looks like. I don’t want to order the “inkjet printable” from, but I’d like to see what the silver topped discs look like before I place my order. I can’t find a pic anywhere.:confused:

Mine oem TY +R 8x from rima, just plain silver. No mark/letter whatsoever (except the tiny serial in the middle).

Is it silver like “shiny” silver like the generic cdrs used to look like?(or maybe still do) With those you could use a marker on them and then have problems reading them. Or do they have a dull silver finish sort of like the Fujis? I can’t believe I can’t find a pic of these.

Not sure why you’d want the shiny silver discs, from what I hear those things are dust and fingerprint magnets, attracting them from 10 feet away or somesuch.

Yes its the shiny silver. I keep all my disks safe so (hopefully) wont attract any dust.

Yea, they are just plain silver, no lettering or anything.

Unfortunately they do show fingerprints really easily

Ok, that’s what I thought. I’m going to stick with the Fuji TY. I have a ton of the DVD+R Fuji, but I can’t find the DVD-R Fuji that is TY. Anyone know some place that has it? Or a place on the web that has been shipping Fuji -R that’s “made in japan” TY?


Thanks for posting that Chrisz. That’s what I thought they looked like. I’m going to try and find DVD-R Fuji “Made in Japan” TY. My BestBuy is sold out, but I’m going to keep looking.

No problem.

If u find what u looking for (DVD-R Fuji “Made in Japan” TY), link it here plz!


Will do.

[H]itman, if you’re in the USA, you can get Fuji TY DVD-R in Best Buy; just look for the Made in Japan cakeboxes and not the Made in Taiwan ones. If the general media section is out of Japan discs, try the end of the aisles, under the compuer displays, etc. and you may have better luck there.

Before Thanksgiving Best Buy had a deal where they were selling the 50-pack Fujis for ridiculously cheap (I ended up getting 400 TYG02 for $80 plus tax), and last weekend there was a price-mistake sort of deal on the 25-packs, so supplies may be low.

Anyways, that’s your best bet at a retail outlet to find TYG02. Ordering Fuji discs online, there’s no guarantee that they’ll send you a Made in Japan pack, so it’s best to go to a store where you can pick exactly what you want. Or, of course, to order the unbranded media from a reputable online merchant.

Personally, I prefer branded discs over unbranded ones, so I’m a bit disappointed it’s that hard to get a spindle of branded TY discs. Oh well.

[Edit: doh! I didn’t see your “my bestbuy is sold out” comment until after I posted. Best I can suggest is to drive to another one, or wait until yours restocks.]

Damn it, i can’t buy at… just :a !!!
and suck hard :iagree:

@reptile, thanks for the tips. Do you know how often BestBuy re-stocks their media? Sounds like you’ve been there quite a bit, so I thought you might have noticed a pattern. I was there Monday and Tuesday, so I thought I’d check back next Monday.

@Chrisz, do they not stock the same stuff as

No idea… I just check the hot deals forum over at fatwallet once in a while for DVD media deals, though I haven’t been paying as much attention lately because my closet is quite full with media I won’t get around to finishing for quite a while. :slight_smile:

Next time you’re at your store, just ask one of the workers there when they restock, or you can always check the phone book and give your store a call. If they get more people asking about it, they might order more often, though I have a feeling the low prices they’ve had are because they want to clear out their 8x media in preparation to load up on 16x media.

Hi Reptile, no don’t sell the same stuff as
and the price are not the same (more expansive CAD$$$).