Can someone post 1620 quality scan, recorded at 2,4x; 4x?



I would be glad if someone would post disc, written at 2,4x; 4x, quality scan, thanks! :smiley:


zilvinas, I would love to see your own scan, especially after you mentioned this (post#7). I’m happy if you want to prove your own words and if it’s true than I’m not afraid to correct my own words (post#10), consider myself quite objective.

Anyway, sorry I don’t have any DVD+R/-R scan at that speed, only DVD+RW which is in my sig.


Here’s a TAIYO YUDEN DVD-R 4x speed disc burned @ 4X speed with BENQ 1620 firmware B7P9.


I will post a few, but what’s the point of this? They aren’t that different from any other scan. I burned them mostly before MediaCodeSpeedEdit started supporting BenQ firmware.

Scan 1.
CMCMAGR01, Philips-branded 2.4x +R media, from a 50-pack purchased at Circuit City. Recorded at 2.4x.
Scan 2.
For comparison, CMCMAGR01, same media as above. Recorded at 8x (U9 firmware with strategy swap to CMCMAGF01, WOPC disabled).
Scan 3.
MCC01R20, Verbatim-branded 4x -R media, from a 25-pack purchased at Best Buy. Recorded at 4x.
Scan 4.
RICOHJPNR00, Fujifilm-branded 2.4x +R media, from a 25-pack purchased at OfficeMax. Recorded at 2.4x.
Scan 5.
TTG01, TDK-branded 4x -R media, from a 25-pack purchased at Costco. Recorded at 4x.


Scan 6.
TYG01, Fujifilm-branded -R media, from a 10-pack (in jewel cases) purchased at OfficeMax. Recorded at 4x.
Scan 7.
UTJR001001, Unifino-branded -R media, from a 50-pack purchased at Recorded at 4x.


Zevia… the point is i just ordered a BenQ, and i just want to compare quality at low speeds at BenQ and other writers… I think i made a good purchase, but i want someone to share their own scans, as i will have that burner in my pc - i will show you my own scans also! Don’t be mad at me… I’m just a ROOKIE :slight_smile:


You should look into strategy swapping/copying/editing with MediaCodeSpeedEdit.

In my experience, most 2.4x rated media burns fine at 8x and most 4x rated media burns fine at 8x and 12x in BenQ 1620. There is no reason to wait 15 to 25 minutes for your recording to complete anymore.


I remember you have a plan to burn many discs at low speed. I don’t think the quality improves so much just by reducing the burning speed. In my experience, once I have a good media at, for example, 12x, then 8x or 4x burn is virtually the same (That’s why I settled @12x burn for TY T02).

Here are my (value line) TYG01 discs from supermediastore. The first is @4x, the second is @8x (I had to use G02 strategy to overspeed it). These two are close to the best burns; i. e. they are pretty good, but not as good as the best TY can be. As you see, they are not so different, and indeed quality difference between discs were much more important than the difference between 4x and 8x.
I realized that @12x its quality drops, so I settled at 8x burn. (Yeah… I asked too much for 4x media.)

My final remark is that, 16x writer producers doesn’t make too much effort in low speed burns such as 4x and 2.4x. The same story applies for the media maker. You may even see quality drops at low speed.


zilvinas, I didn’t type in bold, caps nor use this smiley --> :a … so I’m not mad at you, I was just telling you. :slight_smile: