Can someone pm me a winxp cd-key plz :)



hi i need a cd-key for winxp beta2 build 2465

icq me or pm plz :smiley:

cheers :slight_smile:


look at

:slight_smile: Eric


wow, 2465?? get with the times ; ) newest is 2485 posted today–i think it was today. =) a.b.i (alt.binaries.images)


i’ve been downloading it on 56k m8 :slight_smile:

takes a while… now on 512k cable modem tho :slight_smile:


umm, how the hell did u manage to get WINXP on a 56K modem i find this amazing i have not yet had luk with this as the files go down to quick please tell me how???


just luck i reckon… last stayed for ages… got 300mb in a week and then finished the rest of in one nite on cable :slight_smile:


to down load just about any huge files(cds or movies) download edonkey2000 at ti downloads from everyone who is sharing the file so if it goes down it dont matter cause you are downloading the same file from 5 oter people. It takes parts from many people and combines it into one file. its the fastest download on a 56k i have ever had


Dont know to call ya crazy or really determined… :confused:

Y u would want some M$ beta stuff as well… :smiley: