Can someone plz tel something about the key2audio protection

oc-freak or airhead sorry if this is in the wrong section plz redirect me then to where i should be :smiley: im new have mercy

anyhows is there anyone who have tryid the marking trick on the cd to copy it and so yes do you have pictures of it if so plz contact me im willing to make a great website with allot of info im searching for much info and offcourse you special thx will be on the site to its not that i want the credits for something i didnt do :smiley:

greetz sphere :cool:

No, I do not have much knowledge about protected audio. And I don’t feel like I want to make marks on my discs…

Probably little-endian or Upp3rd0g may help…

Moving to audio forum.

Please read the sticky thread in this forum. In it you can also find a link to pictures of the marker-trick. If you have still question after reading the sticky thread, don’t hesitate to ask them overhere!


BTW Can you please use punctuation marks, like comma’s, periods, capitals! It makes your post easier to understand!

I’ve writen some articles about my experiences with protected audio cd’s (key2audio and Cactus data shield).

It’s already in html (dreamweaver) but it’s very poor design :smiley:
It was the first time I tried making a website, so don’t expect much :o But if you want to redesign it and put it on some webspace, I would be happy to help you.

Contact me if you’re interested.