Can Someone Pls Help Me

I have a game … Conquest Frontier Wars… i need to copie the cd. i normaly just use nero but it won’t work pls help me … a crack or prog to burn a backup of my game b4 it is fuck#d

We have got the newbie forum for this questions but i’ll try to help you.
For cracks try Megagames
or astalavista.
And for making copy’s of protected games, use Clonecd.
It alway works fine for me.

can’t say it any better!

for all your cracking pleasure, :slight_smile:
I loove that site ( but not as much as cloneCD :slight_smile: )

May I mention you that it’s better to choose a subject that says something about the problem?
Now people don’t know what the prob is! Think about it that everybody chooses a subject like:
[i]- Help me plz…

  • Got a prob…
  • broken!
  • …[/i]

Get it? It’s better to say stuff like:
[i]- Can’t copy Conquest Frontier Wars

  • …[/i]