Can someone please tell me how to clone a game cd


Ive looked all over the internet and i can t find anything to allow me to clone project:IGI so could sum1 plz suggest a way of soing this./…/


Have you scanned the disc with a copy ptotection scanner like Clony to see what protection Project IGI has? I think it will be the SafeDisc 2 protection in which case you’ll need compatible hardware to make a successful back-up… A hardware list of SafeDisc 2 compatible burners can be found here.


CloneCD Do the job…

I have Project: IGI and the protection is Illegal toc and some weak stuff!

If you have same protection that I have You can do it with Nero, If that won’t work then at least CloneCD!

A small add-on:

If it’s indeed the Illegal TOC, you should use CloneCD’s default settings… no special settings needed :slight_smile: