Can Someone Please Help?

This is the email I sent to DVD FAB SUPPORT: Any further information from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know what I am doing wrong, or what he best way to do all this is. Thanks ahead of time…


I was wondering if I purchased the Platinum product, if such issues would be remidied. I am a daddy who purchases movies for my little ones and they are repeatedly ruined (scratches etc) so I took to learning DVD Decriptor and DVD Shrink. I then came accross your software product trial and the DVDs that come up with errors in other programs like DVD Copy etc, are copied “cracked” effectively, BUT…with problems. For instance, Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service jumps back and forth between Japanese and English subtitles and during the ending title sequence, it skips and jumps back and forth between English titles and Japanese. I made two copies on two different computers just to see if it would repeat the error, and it did. It seems the longer movies or ones with more chapter stops have this problem. I use Sony DVD-R and have Pioneer A05 and A07 drives for the process and use XP Pro on both. So, am I doing something wrong? Will your product work perfectly with the right settings which I have yet to discover? Is there a better hardware choice for doing movie backups? Please note, I am the owner of all original movies, and do not in any way steal motion pitures or infringe on copyright. I make backups for my kids and that’s all. Just for your edification, you are not providing information to a thief. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I am wondering if DVDFAB PLATINUM will fix all this. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated!



Platinum is combination of express and gold versions of Fab, no extra magic so to speak. If these discs are episode discs, they can be a challenge for any backup app. If this disc a movie, with either mode you can select “movie only”, and choose the audio tracks and subpictures you want. However Express will compress to SL disc, Gold will not - it splits to 2 SL discs. Both will burn to DL media, however often issues at layer breaks - results still inconsistent.
The source disc in this case - does it play without these glitches? Copy will only be good as the source.

couple of other tips that users have posted and helpful:

  • only use quality media, like taiyo yuden, ritek, ect.(check other posts for more examples). Often brand name media, like Sony, Memorex, HP, use less then stellar media.

  • recommend selecting the “slowest” burn setting

Sorry if i misunderstand, do you mean that you have sucessfully ripped the movie to your hard drive? Or have you cracked their software?