Can someone please help with my 1650

My question isnt concerning burning, but instead this. I have a movie with DVD-ROM extras that I play on my TV. I load it into the computer and it will play the movie, but wont do anything when I try to access the DVD-ROM extras. I have scoured these posts for some time, and while I learned a lot … I am a lil confused. Do I need to use Qsuite to change the bitset to DVD-ROM?

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What software are you using to play the movie? That’s likely to be the problem, nothing to do with Qsuite.

I tried to use windows media player, but didnt have a dvd decoder. I loaded up nero, and an Nvidia program. I am thinking after more research that I have been misled on this DVD containing anything extra. Thanks for the response.

Would you mind downloading PowerDVD from here ?

This app is the “standard” for DVD-playback.
So download the trial and see if it works,

Best regards.

P.S.: Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed.