Can someone please help me

I have been trying to burn the Seinfeld series as a back-up copy. Season 5 Disc 1, I was using oneclickDVDcopy and DVD43Free. I got an error message saying that the disc may be scratched or dirty. I got this message after about 87% of the disc was copied. I did some reading and decided to give anydvd and CloneDVD2 a try. After un-installing the DVD43free decrypter because of the conflicts with anydvd, I put season 5 disc 1 back in my burner and got an error message from Clone saying that the disc may be scratched or dirty. I then tried FabDVD and got an error message as soon as I tried to start it up. It said error 4096 unable to read dvd. I then tried dvdshrink 3.2 and got an error message immediately saying that the Parameters were incorrect. Then I tried DVDDecrypter and it copied until I got to 19 filed remaining and started getting all sorts of error messages for the remaing files until I got frustrated and cancelled the copy. Then i tried just to copy my files to a folder and with 19 files remaining, I got error messages saying unable to copy files. Some of the files are ISO and others are BUP and still others are VOB. I’m hoping it may be something in my settings.

After much deliberation, I decided to try Disc 2 from season 5 with FabDVD
decrypting and writing with CloneDvd2. This disc worked perfect… Them i tried Disc 3…no trouble. Disc 4 No trouble. Then I went to Season 6 and tried Disc 1…no trouble, Disc 2 No trouble and then I got to disc 3 and started getting the same errors that I was getting with Season 5 Disc 1. I’m no expert on this stuff. The region on the back of the DVD is region 1.

I am using the latest version of anydvd The latest version of CloneDVD2. I’m pretty sure all my programs are up to date. My DVD burner is an HP 740i Dual layer with lightscribe. If someone could help me out on this, I would sure appreciate it. I am ready to bang my head through a wall!!

This is due to latest anti copy protections.

Try to use this method instead

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exactly. i just found the thread in which i offered assistance, and the original psoter replied with something to the effect of “ok, i’ll try that and post back what happens”

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The only help you offered is for me to STOP Cross Posting and then you said put your problem on here in more detail. I put it on here in more detail but because I started a new thread, I got blasted. Thats ok. Opinions have been formed already. I m pretty sure what you think about me, and I’m pretty sure of what I think about you. Amazing…and we have’nt even been formally introduced??
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all i think of you is that you fail to read and follow forum rules and become indignant what that point it made clear to you. i don’t make personal assumptions over messageboards.

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Hey reasonnotrules, don’t you know asking someone to follow the rules automatically makes you a horrible woman? :slight_smile: LOL! I really don’t understand people that ask for help and then complain when they are asked to follow the rules they agreed to when joining the forum in the first place. God forbid that this forum stays orderly… :confused:

ANYWAY, as for the problem, it sounds like the discs that are causing problems may have some mastering errors. Try slowing down the reads using AnyDVD’s “Enable Speed Control” option on the Drive tab. Tell it to read at the slowest speed and try reripping again.

And for the love of God, when someone asks you to follow the rules, don’t give them a hard time about it. It just makes you look like a jerk. I’m not saying you ARE a jerk, just that perception is a tough thing when looking at someone through 10 posts…most of which are somewhat negative.

Well… I appreciate the advice but if negative is what starts out the replys…then negative is gonna be replied back. Not mentioning any names…but some people just don’t want to be nice. They walk around with a chip on their shoulder from sun up to sun down. I don’t mind someone jumping in my corn flakes but try drying off a little before you take another swim. Sure…I broke a rule but its not like its a lifestyle.

Interesting thread! :wink: